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Howdy horse lovers I'm Tyler and I'm 10 years old and I live on a acreage in Kleskun hill,Alberta and I have 5 horses but I will do one horse at a time. So let's start with gem, my 27 year old suborn little Tennessee walking horse I use her for trail rides and other calm stuff like that In this pic she's a little thin because she gets fought for the food we put out so we let her graze in the front yard by herself And p.s she's a little dirty too. Post more pics soon TYLER & GEM<3 <3

Hi, Horselovers! I'm Hannah and I have loved horses ever since my first trail ride in Georgia. My first contact with horses started when I was 4 years old. I'm now 13. My uncle had around 5 horses. I used to ride a pony named Lightning. After years of no horses since I live in an area where horses are un-common I forgot about riding. I went on a vacation, and I went on a trail ride with my family in the moutains. I rode a horse named Star. I was really interested in horses after that, and I went on around five more trail rides. After begging, and pleading i'm finally around horses every single Monday. I don't have a horse, but I take lessons every Monday which is good enough. The first horse I ever rode there is Rocky. Rocky is a beautiful mix, and he's the brown one. I love him so much, but sadly he already has an owner. I feel completely safe on him like i'll never fall off. Then there's Poco. He's also a mix, and he's the white one. I have only ridden Poco twice, or three times but I already like his riding style. When we canter it feels like i'm flying. These two horses are completely precious to me, and I can't imagine myself without them in my life. Thanks. -Hannah.

Hi My name is Jasmine and i am 14 years old I have been riding for about 1 1/2 years I don't own a horse but I have been allowed to ride my trainers $20,000 2yo colt Blue Blue is a Quarter Horse who I am currently trainigng to rein back. I am really excited to be riding this horse as I am 1 of 3 people who are allowed. I am hoping to ride him in a small competition soon but i am not allowed to ride him in big competitions until i am 18 because he will stay a stallion. Bye
Hi horse lovers, my name is Maddy and i am ten years old, I live in south africa and i have a beautiful mare called Breeze On By. (I call her breeze for short.) She is the cutest thing on earth. I have had her for a year now but when we got her she was so naughty! I couldnt belive it when my mum had put down the phone speaking to the stable owner, and told me that my pony had bitten someones EAR OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt belive it, all i could belive was that we were about to sell her i thought my pony dreams were over!!!! I had had my girl for only one week and we might of had to sell her but we kept her for a while longer and we decided that we wouldn't sell her. She is now soooooooooooooooo well behaved she is the best jumper in the world we have managed to jump 85cm but she can still be quite moody at times( well not that much anymore.) the workers at the stables call her Miss Moody for a joke!!! I love my breeze so much and i will never stopped loving her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maddy and Breeze

horse headHello, my name's Rali, I'm 13 and I've been riding since I was 4. I love horses, but unfortunately I don't have one. My trainer's got a horse, but he's a bit old so he doesn't ride her. She's the most adorable mare I've ever seen and her name's Api (short of Apolonia). When I saw her first I said to myself "There's no way I'm going to ride this huge horse (she's 1.80 and as you thought she's a jumper.) I'm learning how to jump on her and I can tell that she's helping me get better. She changed my life and gave it a point. I really love her and that will never ever change :) -- Ride to live, live to ride!

Hello horse lovers, my name is Abbey. I'm 12 year old i do not have my own horse.But i do ride a horse named rusty he like my best friend i ride english training for dressage. I have not done a competed yet.I been in love with horses i was 3 i have dyslexia and i got told i would be bad at sports because of it,then horse back riding gave me a shot and i got a new best friend and something i could do.

Hi Horse Lovers!!! My name is Ruby and I am 9 years old. My horse is named Tizz he is a Stranded bred he is a 14.16hh and he is 4 years of age. Tizz lives up in Heathcote with my Uncle Mark. My favourite thing to do with Tizz is to go on a trail rides down at the river in his paddock. I love jumping for fun with him to.  Thanks alot Horselovers.com Ruby P.S – I love Tizz!!!!

Hey, my name is Jordan!!! I have one horse named Levi! He is a 10yr old Registered AQHA gelding. His sire is Taris Catalyst. He is a world champion cutting horse. Levi was trained to be a cutting horse but wasnt gonna win competions,so we got him free from my moms friend. He is the PERFECT horse..I love him to death and he will never leave my life or my heart. He has a big heart and a huge personality. He turns on the water and is scared of line fences because he has gotten shocked tons of times. He is truly a giant baby. He is chesnut with brindle on his chest and butt. I hope you enjoyed my story!!!
- Jordan and Levi:)

horseWell, I’m not 14, I am 52.  But, when I look at my horsies, they make me feel as if I am seven years old again, back when I lived in a city and pretended to be a wild horse!  I would gallop around the neighborhood, dreaming about having my own horse some day!   My friends thought I was a little crazy for dreaming of horses instead of playing with dolls all day.  So here I introduce you to Murphy, who is a funny, courageous, curious American Paint Horse.   Fancy, a Quarter Horse, is peeking over his withers.   Murphy gives me a wave of joy when I look at him or think about him.   He was mistreated when he was young and was wild and afraid.   He was dangerous.  But now, he knows that humans love him and care for him and he loves people.   He looks at me with his huge brown eyes and likes to poke around in my pockets and hands in case there are any treats hiding there.  He also loves to sniff and play with the doggies and kitties.  I LOVE MY MURPHY!  He has a perfect black shamrock on his flank!  Fancy was also abused and was dragged behind a pickup truck and hated people.   After many years, she is as gentle as a fawn.  It takes time to heal, but healing is always possible because of love!


ponyHello my name is Morgan, i am 12  when i was 11 i went to try a horse out because i had grown out of my other horse any way so i hav=d gown out ther and i tryed the horse out and i it went sico whem iwas on it and i could no get on any of my horse after this because i had no fallen of i jumed of i really miss horse riding  and i really wonna start again but i no i have horses that will not do any thing to me i have tryed to get back on i had lessons for about 7 months and then it all just hit me that it could all happen again i miss riding so much but so i am came up with geting a pony to do lead showing and this christmas i got an amaxing pony called jack and hope to do really well in thefutcher with it and my other horse bellah witch i have lattely gained conferdence in so i hope yo go for a ride on her. (my Pony Jack that i hope to go far with)

hi horse lovers. my name is Haley. I'm going to be 12 years old on February 26th, the day before my Horse, Hush was born. Yep. this is a picture of my horse Hush. She is the sweetest thing on our farm. She was born right here in Michigan. In 2001, my dad's friends horse, Ms Victoria Secret had a red dun filly. Her sire was Classic Country. when my dad saw that beautiful horse, he wanted her so much. Hush's father, Classic Country, was a great horse. Hush has really grown up since then. I have been showing her for 5 years, 3 in Walk Trot and this is going to be my 2nd year showing in !3 & under. she loves kids no matter what size they are. she loves the fact that she can go outside and be a horse. She also loves the fact that we feed her everyday. Her favorite playmate would probably be her half-sister, Cassidy. Cassidy is only 21 or 22 years old but she is so sweet. Hush is irreplacible. my dad even says she's priceless. she has gone to the ABRA world show with my dad and the highest they've placed was 4th. but i place to become a world champion in the Youth ABRA Halter Mares someday.

horseHi Horse Lovers my name is Kayla I’m 14 years old and I live in QLD. This is Aladdin. He is a Arabian and I don’t know how old he is. I don’t own him but he was my lease horse. Everyone was scared of him because if you got to close to him on another horse he would turn around and bite you and buck. I told my mum I wanted to lease a horse at my riding school because my auntie worked there. I rode Aladdin that day. Me and my mother went up to the owner of the riding club and asked her what horses were up for lease. Unfortunately the horse I wanted, Snickers, wasn’t available so she suggested Aladdin. I thought about it for a week until I got to get back to slickers (the riding club). Saturday came and I had made my decision. Mum came with me and we both spoke to sandy (the owner) and that very day Aladdin became my lease horse. Everyone thought I was mad to lease him but that soon changed. I taught him manners and he soon learnt that turning around and having a hissy fit wasn’t an option. He started to reach my heart strings and pull on them. He was my baby. Everyone was proud of his progress and mine. And this point I had been riding for two years now its four. It was time for the lease to be up and by that time we had moved from Brisbane out to Laidley. One hour and a half away from slickers =(. I had to saw good-bye to my beloved horse Aladdin. Recently I went back to visit my auntie (who worked there). I stayed the night at her place and she went to work the next day and I got to go with her and my cousin Jess. I rode Aladdin and he knew who I was. As soon as i walked into sight he whinnied. I’m going to see him soon and he might meet my horse Drover. I Love Aladdin.

horseHI, my name is Brianna. I live in Nova Scotia Canada. I have been riding for about 3 years(?)! I am 11 right now. I own a appaloosa mare (the one in the picture). I love her to death. We went to try her out 6 weeks ago tomorrow. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. I knew the girl who owned her before. ( well her dad owned her) So I wasn't nervous. So me and the girl(Morgan) tacked her up and I ried her out. She was perfect. My parents and brother liked her to. but we had to go look at another horse so we just decided that it was either Jewels( the app mare) or the one were going to look at. Well we didn't like the other pony so we went to look at Jewels again that night. I rode her again and played with her. Then my parents said they bought her!! And yes she is my first horse. But we couldn't bring her home right away. Because her stall wasn't done so she stayed at Morgan's dads. A week later she came home! I was so happy. I spent the whole evening with her until 10-11 at night then I had to go in. Lots of family and friends stopped in to see her. That Monday I rode her! She was good for me. Then my dad got on her who hasn't rode in like 20 years. She tried to throw him off. the the next couple of weeks we thought we would have to sell her. But then we built the riding ring and she was way better. She has been home for 5 weeks now and I think we are keeping her, now more about her. Jewels is a 3 year old appaloosa mare. un reg. But soon to be. She is 14.2 hh buth and we absoloutly love it. He is my best friend and i will keep him forever!

horse loverHi! My name is Morgan and I'm 15 years old and I've been riding for most of my life. I have had two horses so far and i got my first one called Harmony when I was 11 standing at 14.2hh was a Welsh cob Sec D mare with a flaxen mane and tail who taught me and i taught her as she was very cheeky and moody. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me but unfortunately I grew to big for her and had to sell her but she is at the same yard where I keep my horse just now. My horse called Rioja Red (Rio) who is a 16.2hh chesnut, Belgian Warmblood mare is one in a billion!! I have been doing BSJA (British Show Jumping Association) on her at Newcomers level (1.00m - 1.20m). We compete most weekends and I love her so much that I don't know what I would dexas.

horse loverHi my name is Jennifer and i live in Portugal,i love horses and i will always love!   I don't have any horse but i have lessons in Coimbra and i specially love Natasha and sometimes i ride her, she is just amazing, a little lazy... The first time i rode her i didn't think that our bound could be so strong but it is!  I don't know if she loves me like i love her but still i'm going to love her forever.  Once i fall from her but that is not important beceause it was my fault!   I have 11 years old and i'm searching for someone who is a horselover too!

Hi my name is Rachel and I am 14. And my favorite boy is my life. His name is Sombra and he is a flea bitten grey Arabian gelding, who is 10. He has the most amazing personality. We both have a very special bond that everyone can see! He and I go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sombra loves to jump, and so do I. If you leave him in a pasture or arena with a 2 ft. jump in it, he will jump it just for the fun of it! The first time I saw him, I knew he was the one. There was just something about those big beautiful eyes, and cute adorable lips! Even though my parents were alittle hesitant to spend about $2000 more than they wanted, they were and still are thrilled with him and glad they did it! I just love him to death! Sombra has the largest appetite than anyother horse I have every known! He can eat and eat and eat. But I love how he likes to lick my face and snif my hair while twitching his lips! We do great at shows too! We have jumped as big as 2 ft. at a show and are hoping to work our way up to almost 3! I love riding horses! If I am ever going through a tough time, whether it is family or school, just being with my boy is all that seems to matter then. He is like my best friend and I know he will always listen to what I have to say, and sometimes I feel like he really does understand how I feel. He is an amazing horse, and we have an amazing bond and trust. There is just some weird way we communicate that is different from how others do with their horses. I LOVE YOU SOMBRA!

Horse loverHi my name is Jordan,and I live in Alabama.  This is my handsome horse Levi.Levi is a 6 yr old Quarter Horse.  He was trained to be a cutting horse,he didnt succed.  We got him free!  His dad is a world champion cutting horse,Tarus Catlyst.  The lady who we got him from said,"Your horse is worth 20,000 dollars!"  Of course we kept our baby.  Levi has a bit of a personality,he takes the water hose from us and sprays us with it.  There is no other horse like Levi.  Anyone would love to meet him!

Hi im Steph and i live in England. This is my stunning Pony Cloud he's a 15 yr old 11.2 welsh A and is perfect in everyway! He can kick and bite but he wouldnt do it to his mummy (ME!!!) i had him for 3 years and he's the best thing that ever happend to me. I love him soo much he has taught me loads and i think i've taught him loads we have such a special bond! we have come so far together and i would do anything for you, you are my special little boy out of my horses, i have another horse Sunny who is a bright bay wellsh B 13hh he really is perfect! he's out on part loan at the moment as i don't have enough time for him & cloud i love him as much as cloud but Me & clud have a special bond! Thankyou Cloudy & Sunny for teaching me sooo much! i Love you!

My name is shannon Im 14 years old ive been riding forever im about to lease him soon. But His name is travis he use to not be rideble & use buck & kick then they broke/trained him & me & my friends were their first to ride him in a lesson & i fell in love with him.And ive been riding him for about a year. And he knows who i am So he always comes to the fence when i come to the barn.He was sold through a auction so we dont know his real age. But hes really a western horse & the trained him english & how to jump. He got me through so many bad times & has always has been there for me.His real owners cant make it out alot beacuse she has cancer & shes really sick. And his owners are the most awsomest people ever. But i hope she gets better. But they are trying lease with him & their otering but not going any faster. I said I'd give it a try.The next speed on a horse is the trot. A person has to know how to do something called posting. It takes a lot of body awarness and coordination to do it. Ashland and I worked many hours to get her body to understand what to do. I took many creative paths to communicate what my minds eye wanted Ashlands body and mind to understand. THere is a position called two point where a rider must learn to balance before they learn to post. I still remember the day when Ashlands body and mind " got it." It was really exciting to see her find another level of power in her body and with her mind. She quickly learned to post after that and then in a few months we tackled how to steer and trot and post. Steering a 1200 pound animal with your less than 100 lb body is quite an accomplishment. Thank goodness it is not done through strenghth alone. None of us would be able to ride if that were the case. It is done with proper timing and balance and finesse. THere is strength involved but it is not the type we normally think of. It is inspiring to watch Ashland develop a strong mind/ body connection as a rider and to see her grow into a beautiful young lady along the way. Signed, Julie and Pocano and Kip and Mira ( I think those are all the four legged teachers who have helped us) I am going miss him but I will mostly remember how much we enjoyed each other and how special Pokcano was to me. I dream about like to horseback riding lessons. I dream about being in my first horse show and doing my besy .will cherish the memories we all made and feel good about the fact that Ashland made such great strides while she was here. She is an amazing young lady. That ER dismount she did from Keena was AWESOME!! She has gained so much in motor skills from riding. It is a delight to see ! i miss kip and gimini and mira and keena and Diego a lot!!

Hi, my name is JoJo B. and i am 13 year old. I live in colorful Colorado. This story is about one of the best horses in the world. His name is Dude and he is a four year old paint horse. I love Dude more than the world itself. My parents were looking for a new horse for me and they couldnt find one. My dad is a farrior and my mom is a well known show judge. When my dad went to shoe a guys horse he told him about this beautiful paint horse with great conformation. My dad wanted to check this horse out. My mom was judging at a horse show one day and a lady came up to her and told there was this amazing horse for sale with great conformation. My mom wanted to see this horse. Later that week we went over to the breeders house with the horse that everyone was talking about. When I saw him it was love at first sight. I loved him so much.The man came up to me and sad his name was Don and that this wonderful horses name was Dude. I rode Dude and I knew that this was the horse that God wanted me to be with. There were two major probloms that caused us not to get him. One, the man wanted way to much money for this horse. Two, another lady was looking at him and was going to pay the money asked for him. Don saw how much me and Dude had bonded in such a short time. My parents didnt have the kind of money to buy Dude, but i wanted him. I worked at Dons stable for about seven months and raised half of the money for him. My parnets for my birthday went and bought him with the mone I raised and thier money. They hid him in our barn and tied a big red ribbon to his neck. I walked in the barn and Dude was fianlly my horse. Now i compete in reining compotions all around Colorado and would like to go pro reiner with Dude! -JoJo

Hi im maddie and i used to ride this horse named tara. she is a white, quarter horse and i dont know her hight or anything. i didnt own her but two years ago i leased her. she was amazing and only liked me out of all her other riders and even her owner could tell me that. i miss her so much. i won my first champion ribbon on her and words do not explain how much i miss her. i jumped her 2'9 and it was sooooooo amazing. now i ride a horse named sara for her owner while she is on vacation which is alot:] and when i dont ride sara i ride jon, or any other horse my trainer has for me to ride. i do three day eventing and havnt started shoing it yet but i am hoping to soon. i love horses and cant stand a week of not riding. its in my heart:]

hi my name is marie i live in england. i won a 15.2 h welsh pony. i only got her about 3 years ago and shes the best ride yet! when i first got her she was 4 years old and i could not ride her. i took her to loads of in hand shows and came thrid and first. i only started to break her in 2 years ago and shes lovely still learning to jump.

Hi my name is Libby, i live in Australia. This is a picture of my favorite pony Bess, she is 13.3hh. Bess loves campdrafting, mustering and showjumping, we reacently competed in our pony club zones showjumping championships in the D grade jumping and won numourous ribbons and won overall Champion. Then we competed in the local show and won the 1.20 metre jumping. She is the best pony and i love her

Hi my name is Tera and this is my pony Lightning.He is 13.2 hands high at the withers.He is the best jumper I have ridden on his first year jumping.Lightning is a very moody at times, But for the most part he is a good boy.You might his herd member that i put in here THE QUATER HORSE GELDING I HAVE...They are very good together and thats good.But Lightning is my BABY BOY and I LOVE HIM TERA & LIGHTNIGNG & EJ = LOVE AND FRIENDZ $ EVER

Hey yall,my name is Jess. I own a horse named Duncan. he is a dark bay appendix Quarter Horse. I have owned him since May. I ride with my sister's Best friend on the trail alot. She ownes Big Red. Duncan is 6 yrs. He jumps 2,3. He does not like cross country. He is my baby boy & I love him to the grave. XOXO D-boy sincerly, Jess.


I will always love my baby girl, her name is Tara dreams aka Tara, and i will love my boy Arc deco Favour aka favour. I will start off with they are not actually mine but it feels as though they are i haven't got them on loan i simply look after them, i wish i could own them but i don't :(, I am still very attached. I will tell you a bit about Favour first; He is a 16.2hh Dutch warmblood light bay. With the most gorgeous temperament you could ask for, sometimes a handful but never the less i love him all the same. He has a great past show career and i intend to carry it on! He was well known as Arc deco Favour, flag barer in the international Lady's team for England! He clears 5ft 6 courses beautifully and is an all round amazing horse, you will never meet quite them same. Unfortunately he was miss treated by his previous owners for being too affectionate towards them and wasted his talented by leaving him in a stable for 3 days + without water and food, only relying on other people to feed him. but now he is in a happy home enjoying himself with 4 mares and loving his jumping! all though he is still very badly scared with his past he is a very important horse in alot of peoples lives. Now abit about Tara; Tara is a 16.hh Thoroughbred x Irish draft flee bitten/ dapple grey. Tara is such a funny character, full of personality and always got something up her sleeve, this is what so many people adore about her! She doesnt have much of a show career past as she didnt really "know" what a jump was lol. Although at her first show she qualified with a first to trial blazers, very much a show off, you can imagine how worked up she gets when she is shown a course! After alot of work she looks like she has a lot of potential and is currently popping 3ft.6 which isn't huge but it's all gradual. she jumps her heart out for you and that is all i could ask for, nearly always clearing them shes perfect for me! Without these horses in my life i dont know what i would do. They are so important to me. Always loving them, love you for ever my tedy bear (favour) and my tara rabbit (Tara) xxxxx

Hello. My name is Katie and Im 13 years old. My POA/AQH Aiden is 10. i am so happy that Aiden came into my life. I was suffering a depression and got into drugs and my family was falling apart because of me.. My sister and trainer Samantha, bought me Aiden and surprised me with him in march.. ever since then me and my family are great. i am drug free and i have changed so much.. im a happier person because of him... he saved my life. he really did. i dont think i would be here today if i didnt meet this wounderful boy. He honestly takes my breath away with the amazing things he does everyday. this is my boy.. and he will be forever.

Hi. My name is Whitney, I am 12 years old, and I have the most amazing horse (no, really) on the entire planet. Her name is Fantasy. She is grey with red spots (which is called flea-bitten grey) I got her just about a year ago. She has a disease called cushings, and it makes her hair very long. She is 21 years old. She was lame for about 3 months. She became sound later, so I got to ride her again. We showed just a while ago at a dressage/flat-class show and WON! She is the most amazing horse I have ever met! I hope that she will last me a while longer so I can show her. I love her so much and she is fantastic! ~Whitney~

Hello Horselover.net! My name is Kristina C. and I am 11 years old and I would like to introduce you to Star.  Star is an eight year old quarter horse. She belongs to my grandparents. I get to see her when I visit. She loves corn and to be scratched behind her ears. Star is the sweetest horse I know!

Hi My Name is Amanda and this is my handsome polish Arabian Jack. I am 13 years old but Jack is 20. Jack lives with his two best friends other than me, Tattoo, and Scooter they are both also Arabs.

Hi, this is my horse Zeus. His show name is One in A Million. He's a 16.3 toroughbreed gelding. He used to race, btu now hes 12 and hes a jumper. I love him to DEATH and I dont know what I would do without him. He was my lesson horse at first, but when my parents saw me ride him they just KNEW he was the perfect horse for me. Luckily he was for sale(talk about luck) so my parents suprised me by adopting him into our family. I know that i'll have a great time with him, and once we start showing, i know that well be a perfect pair. You have to love him. I meen look at that face.

Hello, My name is Esme. I am 13 years old and I've been riding for two weeks. Not long of course, but there is one horse I really love, Bogie. I don't know his hand size (His owner, Patty, told me but I kind of forgot), but he is HUGE. I love him for it though. Even though he can scare me because he is so big I love to talk with him. Even though I've only ridden him once, (he got a sore bump on his side, so we can't sadlle him, so I ride Judge, a paint) II lov ehim tons! I met him about four or five months ago at a small family own barn. Though there was also Judge for me to love, I've allways loved grey horses. And now I work for Patty and get to see bogie every morning when I go to scoop his poop. My favorite part of the job? Turning him out, because I get to walk and be one with him, since I can't rid ehim because of his side.

Howdy Ya'll! Hello i am Rachel. I am 15 years old and this is my TB gelding Tarambar. He is 5 years old and stands at 16.2 hh and growing. He is developing a well rounded frame and soon will be a wonderful eventer. i have had him since he was two. We have been through some good as well as bad times. When i recieved him he came with his j.c membership and a cogins test they didn't tell me what he was capable of so i just decided to see for my self. But when i first decided to give him a ride he came across lame I MEAN DEAD LAME! So we called the vet and he said that he has a bad hip and he may NEVER be able to be riden. Well this was as it seemed the end of my life. I tried everything i could to heal him but nothing seemed to be helping. We later moved to a new barn with a new vet. This vet said that he has only ripped his hip muscle and he will be fine in a few months with proper exercising. He said that the hip bone is not in proper position and it seemed that he had fallen in a starting gate but he will recover fully! So i started the routine and out popped a healthy and eager horse. But, he soon ripped his muscle once more only more severley than the first time so we had the vet come once more and this time it was a 50-50 shot that he would heal. But over time and with lots of love he is now jumping 2'9 and moving up eagerly. Just remeber to trust your horse and never give up on your dreams!!

Howdy, cowgirls and cowboys!! My name is Eryn and I absolutely am in love with horses (always have been)! I am almost twelve and have had alot of "interesting" experiences with horses. I broke my right arm in two places when I was 8(?) falling off of a HUGE paint gelding! My dad had flown his remote control airplane into the tree across from my aunt's house (he said he didn't see it coming). Interesting enough, he used to work with the lady who owned the property with the tree on it. She had three horses: a paint gelding, a mare (can't remember what breed), and the mare's foal. My sister and I rode her paint gelding with the lady in the middle. I was wearing slippery pants since we hadn't known my dad would crash his airplane into a tree. When the lady went to get off, her leg hit my hip and I slid to the ground, landing on my arm. I opened my Christmas presents with a cast-covered arm!! Another experience, I fell off my horse, who I will introduce to you in a minute. I was riding bareback and he made a sharp turn while trottin'. That was just a small scare that time. Now to introduce my horse. This is my horse Cheeta (yes, this is how I spell his name)! He is an unregistered almost-10-year-old Appaloosa gelding and my first horse. When I got him, he was 8, me turning 10 in a few days. I had already ridden a horse named Pet for three hours that day, since it WAS my birthday! When I got home, I was in a bad mood cause my sisters were getting on my nerves!! A few minutes after that, we went to my great-grandma's house for a "get-together", or in other words, a surprise birthday party. My mom was tickling and "dragging" me slowly outside where my horse stood. She turned me around and I was looking at a GORGEOUS appaloosa. When she said he was mine, tears began to fill my eyes, Here standing right before me was a horse, MY horse!! >From that day on, I didn't DREAM of EVER selling him, no matter what! Now that the mushy stuff is over, on to more introducing! Cheeta does have a companion named Angel, but I will tell you about her another time. I will say that Cheeta is probably the most stubborn horse I have EVER met!!! He did buck me off twice, due to having an "appatack" when I was riding him with my mom on Angel. Angel did used to race so she got excited and took off with my mom. Well, Cheeta kinda got excited along with her and, you guessed it, threw me for the first time. My mom caught him and I got back on. Angel had run down to the barn and Cheeta wanted to be with her and i was thrown a second time!! I didn't get back on because I hurt my lower back and had a HUGE headache!! It was a good thing I had a flack jacket and a helmet on for protection! I hit my face on his rump on the first buck (second time i was thrown) and on the second, landed on my lower back. What an experience that was!! Right now, he is kept at my dad's friend's house because we don't have fencing at our newly bought 20-acre-land yet. I am going to start training him in Showmanship but I have never trained before, so anyones' advice would be greatly appreciated!! Although he did buck me, Cheeta will always remain the best horse in the world!! I LOVE YOU CHEETA!!! This story, or these stories are dedicated to my family (including the past and present pets, which include lots of dogs, horses, three rabbits, fishes, birds, and cats)! Thanks for always being there for me through all the rough times, especially the dogs and horses!! I could always talk to ya'll, no matter what!!! Love my family lots!!!

Hi my name is Nic. I am 13 and have been riding for four years. DJ is my Thoroughbred, off of the track, and I am teaching him how to jump. I love him to death, and even though he can spook a lot, I trust him with my life. He always nickers to me when I walk into our barn, Wyndem Rose Stables, which is the fanciest barn I have ever been to. DJ is a bay 15 year old gelding, and he can be amazingly pigheaded and stubborn, but so can I, and we get along great!

my name is courtney w. i'm 13 years old and this is my horse ester. shes a paint mare 14.3 hands and is 12 years old. i jump her 2foot 6in and its lots of fun!!! but my mom keeps on saying she will come down to where i live (my aunt holds her right now) but hopefully soon i get to see her, she loves watermellon, pineallple, and apple pie!


Hi, My name is Alex and this is my pony Oreo. I have ridden her for 4 years and owned her for 3 years. She is a Piebald Paint mare and stands at 13.2 hands. I think she is about 11 years old but I'm not so sure, I asked my trainer and she said she was about that age. I love her so much and couldn't bare to see anything happen to her. She lives about 20 minutes away from my house. I have lessons on her twice a week and always make the best of them! We walk, trot, canter, and jump at about 2'6. This picture is of me and Oreo in a recent horse show. We entered in jumping and I was cantering then. She is so adorable with her shaggy mane and fluffy coat I couldn't imagine life without her!

Hi, my name is Bri and I work at a local stables in my town. I am 13 years old and i love western riding. I mainly do trail rides and would like to start being a guide.This horse here is a Fresian and her name is midnight. She is huge, I think 17.4 hands but is the sweetest horse ever. I would absolutely love to have a horse, but we would have no where to put and I would rather have one at home rather than boarding. I LOVE being with horses and would be around them 24/7. I ride western pleasure, and would like to start barrel racing.

Curly is a Paso Fino Gelding. I bought him as an 8 year old and he is now 17. This horse has been the love of my life and a true friend and confidant! In 2000, shortly after I purchased Curly, my Mother passed away. He was the only thing that kept me going. I would wake up in the morning, go brush his mane and cry. He would put his nose on me as if to say, 'It's O.K., I'll take care of you.' And that he did. After a few years had passed Curly and I had become a team, we did all kinds of fun things! We leaned to play soccer on horse back, we learned to sort cattle, we even learned to do all of those obstacles, like pulling logs and backing thru L's. Curly is a horse with a heart, he can be a hand full, but, there are two times when I truly understood that he loves me as much as I love him. One of those occasions was when I took my 3 year old filly out for the first time. She had just been started under saddle. I was riding Rosita and a friend was riding Curly. Well, needless to say, I came off of Rosita and knew I was hurt. I was a mile away from home and could not breath! I told my friend I needed to go home and asked if he could walk Rosita home and I would ride Curly. Now you would have to know that Curly loved to go home! But on that day, he walked home, with his head down, and slower then he has ever walked before. I think he understood when I told him out loud the I was hurt. When we got to the barn, one of his favorite things to do is to rub my shoulder, he didn't touch me. He just had a look that said, 'Are you O.K.?' Well I wasn't! After a trip to the hospital and an x-ray I found that I had 3 broken ribs! Ouch, did that hurt! Thank God I was riding a Paso Fino! The second occasion was when my brother came to visit. My brother has MS, and doesn't have the strength that he used to. He had not ridden a horse since he was a kid and really wanted to ride Curly. So I put him up on Curly and can you believe that horse was perfect. My brother took of on him and had, what is known in the Paso world as, 'The Paso Smile'. They took of down the rode and I was so worried that something would happen, but, he and Curly came back and my brother said 'Riding Curly is like ride a magic carpet!' My brother still talks about that day! For all of us who have been touched by that special horse, we are truly blessed! I wish everyone had that chance in life!

Hi my name is Aurora I am 22 and this is my horse Bad Karma I love her to death she was a rescue. She is a 20 yr old reg. Appaloosa halter mare out of Call Me RJ the famous stallion. Her nick name is the spotted moose becuase she loves to check your pockets and lick you and give kisses. These pics where taken on christmas 2007 she was the christmas moose.

hello! My name is Tena and I'm 13 years old , me and my horse Airo live in Canada Montreal....horses changed my life.There is one horse that especially changed my life and its Airo , when i fist rode him , iknew he was the ONE!!! he will stay in my life forever!!!!!


Hay this is my horse Bookers Chevol. he is a registered with the PHR. He is a 2 yr old Pinto. If you pepole dont know what PHR it is Pinto Horse Registery. His nickname is Chevol. He is only 2 yrs old and he is green broke. He is very nice and love to scratch his head on your back. His Favriot treats are carrots, apples, and peppermints, and aloot more. he loves his hay, adn grain. He loves to go and is very brave. He will go over low x jumps. Ohh my name is Tera and i am 14 yrs old. well thats my horse hope u like him.

MORGAN & REBECCA. I'm riding Morgans horse to get ready for rodeo team next year. Moon is the best horse ever! he truly is an extraordinary animal. He knows when you are ready to try something new and he knows when you are not! this horse has taught me things i never thought an animal could teach a human. He has taught me that the best things come in time. He has also taught me that trust is something you earn it does not come easy. thank you moon and morgan i dont know what i would do without you!!! OH AND MORGAN .... ILL STAY OFF THE GRASS!!!! HAHA

Hi this is my pony Lightning. he is not registered but a very good pony.he is a jumper and loves to have fun. he is 14 yrs old but acts like a 4 yr old. he is one of the best ponys i think. Light loves anything he can eat. He is currents showing in hunters and jumpers. he is very good and he is my baby boy. ohh my name is tera and i am 14 yrs old.

Hi my name is Rachel, and I have 1 horse. I have had her for almost three years(I got her at age nine and am almost 12) When I got her she was very skinny and hadn't been ridden for 3years, so she was kind of wild. She was trained western, so I had to turn her into a fancy smancy english horse. She is a ThoroughbredXTennessee Walker Mix, and is so wonderful! She is very fast because one time in the field she took off on me and was going around 35mph because I was right next to a car on the rode, and the speed limit was around 35mph(yeah im NOT kidding!). She is so wonderful and the best experience. She is not gaited. If you would like to know more about my horse please e-mail me. Thank You...There is much more BTW(by the way)

Hi everybody, My name is Shannon and I am 13 and live in Hawaii! This is my beautiful mustang Popcorn! He is the best pony ever!! He is 14.2 and a palomino. Popcorn and me do hunter jumpers/dressage/ western pleasure/barrel racing, and just about everything in between. We show all 3 diciplines and he is amazingly talented, We won champion in our division for jumping, dressage and western pleasure. He is an amazingly sweet horse, but he's not a pushover. Every now and then he gets a little pony attitude, but he is still amazing and he makes me smile even when im down. Im doing pony club with him and at the ranch where the rally is held he managed to get out of the portable stall, he ate my neighbors hay and then took a dip into the near bye lake. He was covered in mud when we found him. This is the morning of a rally but my horse was covered in dirt. I had to give him a quick bath, but he was damp when we were riding. The night when we got back to our ranch, he managed to get out of his stall,and was roaming the whole night eating all the horses supplements. Now whenever we put him home, we have to tie his halter around the gate so he can't houdini his way out again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But no matter what he does i still love!!!!!!!!!! him!!! -Shannon

Hi My name is Brittany i am 14 and this picture looks just like my horse her name is Star Babyshe is 3/4Quarter and 1/4 saddle bred horse and star is my life Star bonds with me more than any of my other horses and I do i have been raised around horses and i learned how to ride when i was 2yrs old and i was scared to death and now i am a natural i guess you would say my horse is 4 1/2 yrs old she is a Mare she has black stocking on all four with one white ring on her left hind ankel she is 18 3/4 hands high she is spoiled and no one can ride her but me she was my dream horse and i finally got her she is so beautiful before long i will have a picture of me on her on thi site i love horses i could write a book about horses and i live on a farm but i only mess with the horses and she has been in shows and won some trophys and we also have a barreler but i dont mess with him i only mess with Star she is a big huge baby and i love her thanks I LOVE HORSES and thanks for postin this. Brittany

Hi, my name is Kalyn and this is my favorite horse in the world. His show name is D-Bar's Foxy Fella but his barn name is Fella. I call him Fellers but that is just my nick name for him. He is unfortunatly not mine but he is the one that I have ridden for a VERY long time in lessons at Misty Grove Stables in Concord, NC and at Latta Plantation in Huntersville, NC. He is a Quarter Horse gelding. He is 15 years old. He was recently for sale and I was SO close to getting him but then one day I called to get him and my trainer said that he was SOLD!!! I started crying so hard! It was so sad when I found out about it. Fortunatly he is still staying at the barn I am riding at but I will never be as close to him anymore. I still LOVE him a lot but just knowing that he is someone else's horse and that I am not going to be able to ride him anymore is heartbreaking. This picture is of me and him getting ready for my next event at a recent horse show that we just had in December of 2006. Isn't he cute? For anyone who would like to know more about Fella then just e-mail me. Thanks!!!!!

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